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Thirsty Little Foodie Shatterproof Mug


Thirsty Little Foodie mug.

Shatterproof, microwaveable, dishwashable white plastic mug.

If your child really really wants a “grown up mug” rather than a sippy cup or obviously plastic beaker, but they aren’t quite reliable enough yet to use one all of the time, you have other children in the house who might knock the mug over, or you have hard floors and any breakage is a nightmare of hoovers and shards and bare feet…

Why not try this mug? It’s not going to convince an adult that it’s a china mug, but is designed in the style of a “grown up mug” but out of very durable thick food safe plastic. We can’t promise anything is totally indestructible, but we haven’t yet managed to break ours, despite numerous accidents on a limetone tile floor. It has also been through the dishwasher many times and has kept its image intact. It is safe to use sensibly in the microwave to reheat a hot milk drink that has gone cold.

If you’ve got a thirsty little foodie in the house, this makes a lovely gift. We also sell them as a set with the Juicy Little Foodie tumbler.

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