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Vegetable Stories and Recipes – 12 months of Foodies Books from the veggie patch

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A set of all 12 Foodies Books vegetable stories, set in a veggie patch, a book for each month of the year!

A great gift for fussy eaters, little foodies, little cooks and mini gardeners.

Every month you can read a story, find out about our seasonal fruit and veg characters, and cook an easy seasonal recipe together.

These make a great stocking filler or birthday present, because you buy them once but they get read again and again in their own month of the year, so it’s a gift that keeps on going throughout the whole year!

Scroll down to the description tab below for more detail about the books.

The Foodies Books – 12 monthly vegetable stories set in a veggie patch. Get kids eating veggies! A great gift for fussy eaters, little foodies, little cooks or gardeners.

If you’re looking for a cool gift for a child in your life that you can buy once but will last throughout the year, this set of all 12 veggie patch books could be just the thing!

The books encourage children to make friends with fruits and veggies and learn where their food comes from, so they are more likely to try new foods and have less stress at the dinner table.

This set contains whole year of stories and recipes from the garden. There is a different book for each month of the year, and each month in our veggie patch a fruit or vegetable character has an adventure. All of the characters, scenery and weather are in season for that month of the year.

The books help children to associate foods with the time of year that they are tastiest, most nutritious, best for the environment AND cheapest! And reading these charming stories over and over builds their familiarity with those foods away from the table so they are more likely to accept them when they turn up on their plate.

For families who like to grow and cook these books can enhance those activities and help children to feel connected to those fun food activities by reading their stories.

Each book contains a lovely story, some facts about the star fruit or veg (written by children) and a recipe for little hands to cook.

This collection contains all twelve months, so your child can read a story, find out about its main character, and cook a recipe with you every month for a whole year.

This makes them a great stocking filler or birthday present because you buy the present once but it will be brought out again and again throughout the year, making your present the one that lasts.

I wrote these stories and make lots of other resources to go with them for little cooks and gardeners, and to help parents who want dinner times to be a bit more relaxed. I will always do my best to add personal messages or speed up deliveries if possible for last minute present dashes, and am happy to answer any questions.

Happy eating! πŸ“πŸ₯¬πŸ…πŸπŸŠπŸ₯’πŸ₯•

6 reviews for Vegetable Stories and Recipes – 12 months of Foodies Books from the veggie patch

  1. Emma

    My daughter absolutely loves receiving her new book each month! The stories are the perfect length with beautiful illustrations. I cannot count how many times we have read them. The recipes in the back are a fantastic addition and had us foraging in the hedgerows this summer. They make a long lasting birthday gift too!

  2. Andrea

    I first bought a set of the Foodies books when they first were published and my eldest child loved them so much that I started buying them as birthday presents for his friends. Our set is now well -thumbed after three children reading them cover to cover, learning about the outdoors and following the recipes which are pitched at just the right level for young children.

  3. Claudia hammond

    I absolutely cannot rate these books enough. I have 4 year old twins who were anti vegetables like it was a religion; but their minds were changed when we got to know vegetables together as a family through these amazing little books. The secret to my twins getting interested is seeing how the vegetables in the story are tied to seasons, and better yet, used in the recipes. Beautifully illustrated, telling engaging little stories, they are easy and quick books to read over and over. . They are also great for reading practice as the typeface is nice and big and the words are both easy but still challenging as they are not the usual suspects you usually get in reading level 1 practice books (cat, hat etc)
    Being able to connect the vegetable adventure to the time of year has been amazing for getting my girls to connect to the produce around them. They love strawberries but they know that strawberries are for July, and when they come to the supermarket they are so much more aware of what is on sale and what should be fresh and what shouldn’t.
    I won’t say they are now eating their vegetables every day but they eat a few instead of none, and that is good enough for me!!
    Get the whole set, you won’t regret it.

  4. Holly

    If you want to encourage your children to understand about seasonal food and healthy eating these books are the just the ticket! Just the right length of story and great illustrations. Perfectly pitched recipes and activities.

  5. Casper

    These books are a masterpiece. I struggle to find kids books that cover so many bases – obviously there is the tremendous foody advice and info, but also the writing is highly age-appropriate and rewarding for younger readers. They’ve been read so many times and will be many more in the future. Absolutely top drawer and highly recommended

  6. Andy

    Lovely books! We got through two sets of these, such was their popularity with the girls, and also bought as gifts for friends (always nice to give something different too)… Great characters, stories and values, as well as of course tasty recipes and healthy eating tips too! Colourful, fun, educational and a really nice collection together… Recommended!

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