Gifts to encourage your kids to embrace new foods

Seasonal food stories, memberships, stickers and fun to create more adventurous eaters, gardeners and cooks!

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Our books and freebies will help your child to get familiar with fruits and vegetables in a subtle and non-preachy way.  They will know where foods come from, and be more comfortable to see those foods when they land on their plates.


Our memberships and books have recipes and growing tasks which are practical for all ages. Your child gets to practice their skills at gardening and cooking, and you get to know that all the activities are tested on real kids.


All of our focus is on a spirit of adventure. Our products and freebies make tasting and experimenting both rewarding and non-threatening. Over time your child can build their excitement to engage with new foods.

If you want your children to understand where food comes from, be excited about trying new things, and make the link between the seasons and their plate, this is the place for you!

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The best food for humans and the environment is local, seasonal and fresh.

Growing your own provides the most local, freshest, and above all, healthiest food in every season. Each school in the land should have a productive garden, and these books are a superb way of inspiring young children to enjoy the sheer fun of growing your own.

What Are The Foodies Books?

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I can't recommend the Foodies Books enough, they are amazing. Simple, great fun and educational without my 3 or 5 year old daughters noticing!  Receiving them through the post caused great excitement each month and gave time for each new book to be treasured.

Amanda Royle


The children I work with love the books and the things we have tried from The Foodies website. I have a very fussy 10 year old who attends but I challenged her at the start of the year to try something new each month and she is doing really well. She has discovered ''new'' foods and is now prepared to try almost anything. Her 4 year old brother now shows signs of being less fussy too. A great result all round!

Doreen McLellan


Twelve seasonal and enchanting fruit and veg stories with a sound message, each story encourages the reader to share a value for the month. I have used these books in our Primary school and they have inspired us to start growing many of the 'character' fruit and vegetables. I would recommend every school has copies - they are inspirational.

Sara Burnham

Reception Teaching Assistant