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Books and activities to help children to explore and enjoy seasonal fruit and veg.

Give a child you love a fun way get excited about trying new foods, understand where food comes from, and make the link between the seasons and their plate.

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Teach children about food in a fun and interesting way.

Your books are just a delight. As a former teacher I love the way your books teach children about food in a fun and interesting way.

Sara Farming Advisor

A fantastic idea.

Thank you so much for the Foodies books, they are a fantastic idea, my children have loved looking at them. My youngest Matilda has taken them into school where they were very popular and the teachers thought them a great idea.

Tana R Food writer.

Fantastic way for me and my Grand-children to have fun.

The set of your books has been a fantastic way for me and my Grand-children not just to have fun with but to enjoy the learning about the foods we have grown together and taking us through how to enjoy eating them together too!

Hazel P Grandparent

The one I always read when it was my turn to choose.

My favourite of the 12, maybe because January is my birthday or parsnips are my favourite veg, but this is the one I always read with the kids when it was my turn to choose. Beautifully illustrated and written, these books are fun and have been a firm favourite.

(Review of Parsnip Meets A Snowman)

Alison L Parent

A lovely underlying moral

A fantastic book much enjoyed by my 3 kids. They all felt sorry for pumpkin and were happy when he found his special talent. Well written story with a lovely underlying moral & appealing illustrations for little ones. Loved it.

(Review of Pumpkin Feels Lonely)

Angela J Parent

Such a lovely thing to do together.

Maisy LOVES post, LOVES stickers, LOVES food and LOVES planting. This was such a lovely thing to do together.

Kerry W Parent

Hit a mark so close to perfect.

You have hit a mark so close to perfect - no pretentious names - no nonsense - treating children like people. Wonderful.

Tom S Montessori pre-school owner

She's so chuffed with herself

She’s excited to see asparagus on her stickers because she tried that last night. It’s giving her a real sense of pride...she’s so chuffed with herself and going back through her other boxes to make sure she’s ticked everything off that she’s eaten.

Hayley Parent

Good mix of fiction, information and motivation

I'd like to say what lovely books these seem to be - a good mix of fiction, information and motivation to get involved in food activities- and what a great idea The Little Foodies Club is.

Anne H Health advisor

Great artwork, great fun.

Great artwork, great fun. I would recommend any of these books to parents with young children.

Chris D Parent

They’ve been read so many times.

These books are a masterpiece. I struggle to find kids books that cover so many bases – obviously there is the tremendous foody advice and info, but also the writing is highly age-appropriate and rewarding for younger readers. They’ve been read so many times and will be many more in the future. Absolutely top drawer and highly recommended

Casper R Parent

Very busy in the garden this morning

Zia was very busy in the garden this morning. Repotting the chives and tomatoes - all of which, I'm pleased to say, are doing well. She's also filled a big pot with compost and sowed the butterfly flower seeds - I'm excited to see what happens with them. And she's made the rain gauge!

Megan Y Parent

She wants to be a pumpkin!

My three year old daughter absolutely adores the books! When she grows up she wants to be a pumpkin!

Jacqui W parent

Can easily be carried in mum's handbag

The pictures are colourful and entertaining and the stories are easy to follow and help children understand how fruit and veg are grown and are good to eat. They're a good size and can easily be carried in mum's handbag to take on a journey to keep little one's entertained. Bargain buy !!!

Sally V Parent

Accessible and fun

I did some sessions at a local family centre, we used the books as a basis for introducing healthy eating with children and carers, many of whom came from disadvantaged backgrounds. The children listened to the stories while we tried out some of the recipes at snack time. I found them accessible and fun, and the recipes were easy to follow.

Cat S Family Centre worker

Strong message of friendship and inclusion.

Lovely, friendly gardening video with a strong message of friendship and inclusion.

(review of Pumpkin Feels Lonely)

C Hughes Teacher

They eat a few vegetables now instead of none.

I won’t say they are now eating their vegetables every day but they eat a few now instead of none, and that is good enough for me!!

Claudia Parent

Always nice to give something different too

Lovely books! We got through two sets of these, such was their popularity with the girls, and also bought as gifts for friends (always nice to give something different too)… Great characters, stories and values, as well as of course tasty recipes and healthy eating tips too! Colourful, fun, educational and a really nice collection together. Recommended!

Andy W Parent

Such a lovely resource

I read “Apple And The Copycat” to the year 1 class the day after I received it and they loved it. Thank you for such a lovely resource to use with the children.

Karen M Teacher

Well-thumbed after 3 kids reading them cover to cover

I first bought a set of the Foodies books when they first were published and my eldest child loved them so much that I started buying them as birthday presents for his friends. Our set is now well -thumbed after three children reading them cover to cover, learning about the outdoors and following the recipes which are pitched at just the right level for young children.

Andrea H Parent

It exceeded my expectations.

I think it’s safe to say the kids were happy with a special delivery through the post today, the March box from The Foodies! The kids couldn’t wait to see what was inside and it didn’t disappoint. This subscription boxes come filled with things to keep the kids entertained. I can honestly say that it exceeded my expectations.

Rebecca N Parent

Courgettes was read out at the table over breakfast.

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the books – my girls having been thoroughly enjoying them, and wearing their badges very proudly too. We had ‘Courgettes’ read out at the table over breakfast this morning, well out of season. You’ve made something really special.

Stefan G Food writer / Broadcaster

Superb way of inspiring young children.

The best food for humans and the environment is local, seasonal and fresh. Growing your own provides most local, freshest and above all, healthiest food in every season. Each school in the land should have a productive garden and these books are a superb way of inspiring young children to enjoy the sheer fun of growing your own.

Monty D Garden Writer / Broadcaster

I can head outside with my grandchildren.

This is such a helpful guide. Even a spur of the minute visit means I can get an idea from the what to do this month guide and head outside with my grandchildren. All the ideas work for them at 2 and 3 years but also for my 7 year old niece.

Kate C Grandparent

She is now prepared to try almost anything.

The children I work with love the books and the things we have tried from The Foodies website. I have a very fussy 10 year old who attends but I challenged her at the start of the year to try something new each month and she is doing really well. She has discovered ''new'' foods and is now prepared to try almost anything. Her 4 year old brother now shows signs of being less fussy too. A great result all round!

Doreen M Childminder

Fussy eaters are feeling confident to try.

The children seem to be enjoying their food tasting and activities. I have been involving children aged 1-10, adapting or creating activities to include everyone. Even fussy eaters are feeling confident to try, hopefully learning not to be afraid of new things. If someone is really struggling we all find a way together of making the food appeal! Since Sept/Oct I have been having my fruit and veg delivered from a local organic supplier, which ties in well, obviously, with the ethos of the project. So the children can not only see and talk about what's been delivered each week, but usually that month's fruit or veg appears in the box at least once. This helps reinforce the message of local and seasonal.

Helen Childminder

He is very proud of the food that he has grown!

My son loves it when his Little Foodies Club pack arrives! The books now have their own special bag and he keeps getting them out to read. We’ve tried some of the recipes too. Pumpkin soup was a hit! He can get on with the colouring and puzzle sheet on his own and likes to do the garden jobs with his dad. He is very proud of the food that he has grown! I can’t recommend these books and the linked activities highly enough.

Elisabeth J Parent, teacher

It offers her a sense of pride

We just heard the post and she went to check and came running back "Mummy, look I have another box!" She's delved straight in again.

She has always been good with her fruit and vegetables, so it offers her a sense of pride that she is able to identify each vegetable that she ate. She's found a new found love for purple sprouting broccoli!

Hayley parent

Makes my heart so happy

Really, really recommend these boxes to anyone who has kids. They're so lovely and packed full of so much stuff - plus it's super educational, and got them actually getting a bit more interested and adventurous with their food - which makes my heart so happy ❤

Becci parent

Children have opened up to trying things.

As a registered childminder of several children between 0-11, and a foodie myself, I was delighted when I discovered 'The Foodies Books'. Hopefully, with the help of these books and activities, I'm getting across a positive message to children about enjoying food. Children afraid of new tastes and textures have opened up to trying things, even if they don't always like them. Sometimes they even find things they like and want to cook at home - bonus! The message of local and seasonal goes well with our weekly delivery of local, organic greens. Also, the kitchen waste we create goes into our wormery, completing the cycle. We also talk about the things we can't grow and how importing such produce helps other countries. So this project can be delivered however you like and tied in with other topics too.

Jane Childminder

Inspired us to start growing

Twelve seasonal and enchanting fruit and veg stories with a sound message, each story encourages the reader to share a value for the month. I have used these books in our Primary school and they have inspired us to start growing many of the 'character' fruit and vegetables. I would recommend every school has copies - they are inspirational.

Sarah B Reception Teaching Assistant

These books are brilliant.

These books are brilliant. They are child sized, durable and the stories and illustrations are fabulous. Apart from the lovely stories there are also healthy recipes which the children in our schools have loved using. Gardening tips, recipes, stories and gorgeous pictures as well.

Tess B Schools advisor

A long lasting birthday gift!

My daughter absolutely loves receiving her new book each month! The stories are the perfect length with beautiful illustrations. I cannot count how many times we have read them. The recipes in the back are a fantastic addition and had us foraging in the hedgerows this summer. They make a long lasting birthday gift too!

Emma J Parent

4 year old twins who were anti vegetables.

I have 4 year old twins who were anti vegetables like it was a religion; but their minds were changed when we got to know vegetables together as a family through these amazing little books.

Being able to connect the vegetable adventure to the time of year has been amazing for getting my girls to connect to the produce around them. They love strawberries but now they know that strawberries are for summer, and when they come to the supermarket they are so much more aware of what should be fresh.

Claudia Parent

Caused great excitement each month.

I can't recommend the Foodies Books enough, they are amazing. Simple, great fun and educational without my 3 or 5 year old daughters noticing! Receiving them through the post caused great excitement each month and gave time for each new book to be treasured.

Amanda R parent

They absolutely love the characters

I'm regularly asked to read my two boys George(6) and Henry(4) The Foodies at bedtime - they absolutely love the characters you've created.

Ed R Parent

Five year old ... absolutely loves them

I read them all to my 5 year old daughter over the weekend and she absolutely loves them. I think the stories are lovely and the level of vocab just right for her age group.

Lucy M Cookery School owner

Such a great gift idea for my son's birthday!

We made our daffodils yesterday outside in the sunshine. And planted our tomato seeds. Looking forward to making rhubarb and oatmeal bars later this week. This was such a great gift idea for my son's birthday!

Kate D Parent

Just the ticket!

If you want to encourage your children to understand about seasonal food and healthy eating these books are the just the ticket! Just the right length of story and great illustrations. Perfectly pitched recipes and activities.

Holly D Parent

Read at least a dozen times already!

We loved our May box! The girls loved the Lettuce and the Butterfly story. It has been read at least a dozen times already! As soon as it stops raining we will plant the wild flower seeds.

Lauren S Parent

Much excitement in our house!

There is much excitement in our house when the Little Foodies packs are delivered! Highly recommended, particularly for children aged 4 to 8 years.

Claire B Children's food company owner

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Our books and freebies will help your child to get familiar with fruits and vegetables in a subtle and non-preachy way.  They will know where foods come from, and be more comfortable to when those foods turn up on their plates.


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All of our focus is on a spirit of adventure. Our products and freebies make tasting and experimenting both rewarding and non-threatening. Over time your child can build their excitement to engage with new foods.